Windows of Connection Workshop Series

When change is anchored through art and carried in community, worlds can transform.

We invite to create an anchor you can use, over time, to pause and connect with your strength. The whole journey is part of the art.

This series includes four prompts you can use to connect with yourself and others.

You can download our connection worksheet or purchase puzzle pieces (here or here) like some of the ones you’ll see in the images below. In your journey of connection, you might even use this activity to create connection among friends, family, and/or colleagues.

As you join and move with us, we welcome you to upload your creations and stories to add your voice and spark inspiration using the form below.

We invite you to post on your social media profiles using #awbwconnect and tagging @awbworg. You are also welcome to invite your friends, family, and colleagues to join you on this journey, simply link to on social media.

Special thanks to Windows Facilitator, Eydie Pasicel, whose voice you will hear in each of the videos below. Thank you, Eydie!


What strength in yourself do you most want to connect with?

We invite you to use the tools below to support your journey, or even share to facilitate a group experience. The first video is a four-minute workshop opening, the second is a minute and a half workshop closing, and the final video is a two and a half minute invitation to reconnect with your piece over time.

Workshop Opening

Workshop Closing

Reconnecting with your Puzzle Piece


How can you use a strength within yourself to deepen your connection with others?

We invite you to carry your strength forward. Art goes beyond our tangible creations and takes shape over time. Keep your creation nearby and revisit it when you need inspiration, encouragement, or a reminder to continue connecting with yourself and others.
To inspire your journey, we share these words and images for Connection Journeyer Melissa:
I want to deepen my connection to others by continuing to advocate for them, especially those who face oppression. With June being PRIDE month for the LGBTQIA+ community, I want to show not only my friends and family but the community I serve that I am an ally. This means I will join in and walk the PRIDE parades to celebrate them, love and support them, be a safe place for them, and I will use my voice to speak up when I see the injustices they are facing.

Melissa, San Gabriel, California


What activities help you stay connected to your strength?

We invite you to stay connected. Create a puzzle piece as a reminder of those activities, to fuel connection when you need it most.

To inspire your journey, we share these words and images for Connection Journeyer Andrea:
AWBW’s Connection Journey has been such a gift. Working on my puzzle pieces has helped me identify the parts of me that give me hope and strength to carry on from day to day. Regular reflection has given me clarity and has helped me navigate this difficult time in my life. I regain my sense of intuition by “waking up” my senses with African drumming, thunder in the distance and a cappella singing. I am able to reconnect with my intuition with a long body stretch, a bear hug from a good friend and holding another person’s hand. Reconnecting with friends and family helps over coffee or a meal revive my gut feelings and remind me that I can trust these feelings. Andrea Fiero, Lexington, Kentucky


How has your connection to yourself and others changed as you’ve explored the strength within you?

We invite you to reflect on how your connections grow and change over time. Create a puzzle piece as a reflection of what you want to carry forward with you.

To inspire your journey, we share these words and images for Connection Journeyer Eydie:
Reflecting on one strength over several months was incredibly powerful; I feel like I’ve rewired my brain! This deeper connection has inspired feelings of greater self-compassion, which, as a trauma survivor, is no easy feat. Before this project, my monkey mind often had me in fight/flight, thinking looping thoughts of worst-case scenarios. However, my original art piece (a lion representing courage) has led my focus toward a mindfulness practice that has kept me grounded, improved my ability to pause and take breaks, and care about myself in a way I didn’t do before.

Eydie Pasicel, Long Beach aka Tonva Lands, California

Shared Connections

As you join and move with us, we welcome you to upload your creations and stories to add your voice and spark inspiration using the form below.

My experience of creating was quite pleasant. It opened my thought process of how I had been operating as a father with no integrity. Not living my values. The words that came to me poured out to the paper and reflected what I hope to demonstrate in my life and a reminder of what my family means to me. These words are Invaluable – Faithfulness – Character – Glory – Love – Holy. I had never done this before and it was soothing to the soul and mind just to process things differently.


At a spiritual conference this week, I used the puzzle pieces to facilitate a workshop, called “Yes, Jesus Loves Me and So Should I: Cultivating Well-Being Through Self-Care and Self-Compassion.” I invited everyone to create two puzzle pieces: One for “What part(s) of you need self-care and/or compassion in this moment?”; the second for “What parts of God’s love can I connect with to support my self-care and self-compassion?” Creating and connecting the two pieces was very moving.

La Shonda Coleman, LCSW, Los Angeles, California

I created this new piece during the Impact Journey Circle in January. My piece shows me standing in my strength. Studies have shown that standing in this power pose (or the Superman pose) can boost self-confidence. I’m going to be standing in my strength this year as I look to make some big life decisions. If you need a boost of self-confidence, I invite you to power pose with me!

Rudy Hernandez, Los Angeles, California

As I’ve navigated some of life’s more unpleasant realities over the last several years (adulthood, am I right?), I felt my light dimming substantially. This year, I’ve started making it a point to protect and share my inner spark, reminding myself that there’s much more to life than just the systems we’ve allowed to swallow us up. I’m reminding myself that the spark inside is worth cultivating.

Patrick, Los Angeles, California

Family challenges.

Ana McManama, Chatsworth, California

Our pieces represent the universe of our friendship. We’ve been friends for so long and want to carry that forward.

Shreya and Grace, West Hills, California

Courage in pain: this too shall pass. Fortitude, literally living with pain, loss of mother, loss of brother, family in sadness, in loss of what was and understanding it is part of a cycle. And never losing sight of light.

Trini Nuňez, Riverside, California

My partner and I made these puzzle pieces. We are both undergoing career transitions and these are the qualities we want to cultivate to help us navigate through new, exciting, and scary times.

JD, Los Angeles, California

Flowers grow and die, but then grow back again. Some days you feel bad, but then other days are better and you feel good. It’s like a phoenix, but I can’t draw a phoenix so I drew a vine with flowers instead.

Kara, Los Angeles, California

When I’m anxious, even remembering this puzzle piece, this intention, makes me giggle. I created it as I facilitated this workshop with our honorees. The word that came to mind was “calm”. Moments when I need this most, are when it feels impossible, but creating this puzzle piece feels like a support, a crack in the impossible. And, along with “calm” I wrote on my puzzle piece “Stop when needed. Stopping is a creative action.”

Cathy Salser, Los Angeles, California

I choose the word confidence as my strength word because it is a reminder that I have all of the tools I need to be successful, I just have to believe in myself. Back in 2020 my dream was to one day start my own private practice, but I was unable to do so at that time. Although it is still not the right time now, and it may not happen the way I originally envisioned it to happen, my dream is still alive. I am confident in that.

Wendi Baptist-McGehee, LMFT, Apple Valley, California

Using my voice and saying things that have previously been difficult for me is where I really want to grow. I work with people experiencing domestic violence. In a management role now, I’m using my voice to advocate for our clients’ and my staff’s needs. Also in my personal life, I wasn’t always able to vocalize my feelings and needs: either I didn’t know how or didn’t feel safe. But when I find ways to be direct, it helps me connect to others.

Melissa, San Gabriel, California

I love AWBW and everything about the organization! I love how art heals and that everyone can benefit from the workshops! I want to remember always how art heals and how important healing is. I want to tap into my passion for leading workshops and sharing my ideas to assist people at any age to hear through art including myself! My intention to the Universe is to keep on learning and growing my passion and sharing it!

Rose, Phoenix, Arizona

Among the hustle and bustle of the Smithsonian, this nondescript sign spoke to me and gently reminded me that we’re always growing and changing. It prompted me to listen to my gut for direction. Times of transition are also opportunities for growth. I’ve struggled recently to find my path both personally and professionally and maintain balance between the two. My gut tells me that my struggle is not about what direction to take, but who I am and who I want to be.

Andrea Fiero, Lexington, Kentucky

After taking some time to think about what I’ll need in the days and months ahead, courage came to mind. When I’ve needed it the most, my courage has never failed me. With it, I’ve been able to meet life’s twists and turns head on. My puzzle piece will be a reflection of this inner strength and a reminder that I will get to the other side of whatever comes next.

Rudy Hernandez, Los Angeles, California

The strength that I am connecting to is courage. This is my puzzle piece that I created to remember the courage that’s been softly purring inside of me from a very young age. I will keep my art creation close because I am adulting more fiercely than ever, and surely, I am bound to make mistakes, many mistakes. My art piece, however, will remind that this is indeed how I will continue to learn and grow, and to have the courage to keep going no matter what.

Eydie Pasicel, Long Beach aka Tongva Lands, California

The heart puzzle is all the goodness inside of me that is sometimes hidden or has been hurt and does not want to come out. The sharing puzzle is trying to share even through the pain, confusion, regret, self-doubt, etc. By sharing through all of this I become stronger knowing that this sharing is helping someone else.

Shirley Azevedo, Reedley, California

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