Through collaboration with human service agencies, A Window Between Worlds facilitates art experiences for adults and children impacted by violence and trauma. Our partner agencies include residential and outreach programs, as well as schools and community-based settings, working with a variety of populations.

By creating art in trauma-informed hands-on workshops, participants are provided a safe environment to express themselves and tell their stories, build resilience, identify and name emotions, self-regulate and gain a stronger sense of self-worth.

Programs held in

the USA



Adult Windows

Creating art can be a gentle and effective process to support adults in moving forward from trauma that has occurred at any point in their lives. AWBW’s Adult Windows program offers participants the opportunity to begin and support their processes of self-discovery and healing. Shared in a trauma-informed atmosphere, art-making can be both cathartic... [Read More]

Children’s Windows

The impact of violence and abuse in childhood can have a devastating and long-lasting effect. Children who have experienced trauma often lose a sense of safety and security essential to developing healthy social and emotional coping skills. The Children's Windows Program offers children and youth a way to safely understand and express themselves,... [Read More]

Leadership Trainings

The next Adult and Children's Leadership Trainings will be offered in 2018. Dates and times TBA. The Windows Leadership Training prepares human service providers to facilitate creative art workshops using a trauma-informed approach. The training incorporates 25 years of best practices in arts programming developed in collaboration with a network of program... [Read More]