About Us

We believe art can be a catalyst to release trauma, create connection, build resilience, and ignite social change.

A Window Between Worlds collaborates with human service agencies across the country, training and supporting the staff at these partner organizations in facilitating our healing arts curriculum. These workshops provide a unique Window of Time for participants in a wide range of sectors — a safe, non-judgmental environment where they can authentically express themselves in new ways. The size of the sector bubbles below are proportional to the percentage served.

There are multiple benefits to creating art in this type of environment, including improved communication and a renewed sense of possibility. As survivors of trauma make art — by drawing, sculpting, painting, collaging, writing and more — their voices are heard and future potential is seen, often for the first time. This supports individuals, families and communities in processing their experiences and moving forward to less burdened and healthier lives.

Since our founding in 1991, A Window Between Worlds’ arts programming has provided the creation of art as a tool for empowerment and healing to over a quarter million adults and children who have experienced violence and trauma.