Initiative 3: Embedding Sustainability

Crossing this 30-year milestone has already found us thinking about the decades ahead: AWBW might not need much to make a lasting impact, but the need for that impact remains wide-ranging, complex, and ever-expanding.

AWBW has always been a low-overhead, high-impact organization; we intend to keep it that way. In 2021, we’ll set our course for sustainable program expansion and enrichment, developing a more financially sound operational and training model — one that will ensure our ability to scale up to meet the growing need for our programs.

Technological updates, clear communication, and improving access of our programs to historically hard-to-reach communities will all be key to these advancements.

Action Items:

    1. A virtual, on-demand training model naturally adapted from our traditional, two-day in person trainings will offer affordability and lower barrier of entry to communities that lack sufficient resources and funding to attend a live training
    2. Expanded avenues of communication between donors and programs — via scholarship reports and recorded cohort sharebacks — all to efficiently bridge gaps between our mission, our impact, and our invaluable community of supporters
    3. Cultivation of a strong and sustained donor base — one not only nurtured by our leadership but able to stabilize our budget for long-term organizational health
    4. Planned giving and direction towards an AWBW endowment fed by healthy reserves — ultimately offering greater protection as we expand our nationwide and global impact

Participant Workshop, 1991

Facilitator Training, 2020

Coming Soon: Story Share Portal

AWBW is developing an innovative online Story Share portal that will allow our diverse and collaborative network of 900+ Windows Facilitators to share artwork and stories directly with our community of supporters and prospective program partners.