Donate to AWBW

Seven out of 10 people experience some form of trauma in their lifetimes, and our arts program is a powerful way to process and cope with these experiences. Art workshops provided by AWBW facilitators allow for self-expression without the need for words and provide new ways for participants to connect with themselves and others.

Through your support individuals have the opportunity to create art in a safe community. They can be heard and respected — replacing violence and shame with safety and hope.



In 28 years over a quarter million adults and children have participated in A Window Between Worlds art workshops. It is the collaboration and support of the entire AWBW family – of which you are a valued member – that allows so many lives to be transformed through creating art.

A Window Between Worlds is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, our EIN # is 95-4448606. You can learn more on or view our annual report.

We also gladly accept donations via donor-advised funds. You can do so at DAF Direct, email [email protected], or call the office at 310-396-0317.