By creating art in Windows workshops, participants are provided a safe environment to express themselves and tell their stories, build resilience, identify and name emotions, self-regulate, gain a stronger sense of self-worth and much more.

AWBW trains staff at partnering human service providers to facilitate these trauma-informed hands-on workshops. We support Windows Facilitators in a variety of ways, including access to over 500 workshops in our ever-evolving curriculum and ongoing consultations.

Facilitators share back successes, challenges and innovations in relation to the workshops they hold. This feedback contributes to the greater expertise of AWBW’s community of partner agencies and facilitators across the country.

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Community of Practice

The key to AWBW's impact lies in our collaboration with a strong network of 600+ Windows Facilitators at partner organizations nationwide. Our facilitators, staff, and trauma-informed consultants — our Community of Practice — share a common concern for the well-being of trauma survivors, along with the passion to see survivors thrive through... [Read More]

Facilitator Trainings

Enhancing Healing Through Art Join a collaborative community of 600+ Windows Facilitators across the country actively using art as a tool for healing, transformation, and collective action in their healing and advocacy work. With our two-day immersive virtual training, you will gain access to an expanding curriculum of 600+ trauma-informed art workshops,... [Read More]