Touchstones: Interactive Gallery

About this Community Art Initiative

Touchstones: A Creative Journey is a commemoration, reflection and continuation of the interactive art approach that has been the foundation of A Window Between Worlds since Cathy’s first journey across the country in 1991.

Her goal on this journey, which continues to be the goal of AWBW today, was to offer art as an aid for empowerment. This vision is accomplished through the art being not just the object but the entirety of the journey.

We invite you to create Touchstones on your own and with others, to carry these small pieces of art with you, and to connect to others by uploading to this interactive gallery, reporting back to AWBW when you create Touchstones, and emailing Cathy Salser at cathy.touchstones@awbw.org. Scroll down to download a toolkit and visit additional Touchstones related exhibits.

Lead Artist: Cathy Salser

Lead Artist: Cathy Salser

Cathy Salser, artist, Founder and Executive Director of AWBW has driven AWBW’s overall mission and growth for over 25 years. Cathy has received both local and national recognition for work in the arts including the Lifetime Achievement Award from the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence and the President’s Award from the National Women’s Caucus for the Arts.

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