Touchstone Tree Community Mural

About this Project

Integrating Touchstones created by individuals impacted by violence and trauma in multiple ways, this community mural was created by a group of 14 Windows Leaders in collaboration with Cathy Salser. The tree represents the power of coming together as a community and art as a catalyst for change.

Leaders and participants each envisioned what they are moving “from” and “toward” to transform trauma for themselves and in their communities. For each stone they created to carry with them, they created one for the tree — an inspiration to others to create their own touchstones of change.

Participants were from domestic violence support services, sexual assault agencies, homeless shelters, veteran’s programs, substance abuse treatment centers and schools.

We share this video, and the tree mural, as an invitation for all who see it to take a moment to reflect and notice their own journey of transformation, and to be connected in that journey. You are welcome to share this video as you adapt the project for your community.

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