ArtWorks for Healing 2017

About this Exhibition

ArtWorks for Healing brings together a diverse group of more than 50 inspiring professional artists who share our commitment to transformation. This unique art auction will celebrate the culmination of AWBW’s 25th anniversary year, launching our next 25 years of sharing art as a resource for healing and empowerment.

Join us for a cocktail reception on Thursday, March 2nd to view and bid on the incredible pieces, each available for silent auction through our mobile bidding software. Visit the exhibition at Arena 1 Gallery and start your bidding on February 24th! BIDDING IS NOW LIVE through March 2nd at 9pm.

Guest Curators

Sunny Bak • Taylor Barnes • Bruce Lurie Gallery • Bianca Collins • Jacquie Israel • Darrylynn Kaun • MaryLinda Moss • Sandra Mueller • Revolver Gallery • Audrey Salzburg

Contributing Artists

 Sara Abbott • Kim Abeles • Roya Adjory • Lita Albuquerque • AngelOnce x BDB • Emily Anne
The Art of Chase • Greg Auerbach • Lili Bernard • Clara Berta • Sandy Bleifer • David Buckingham
Hollie Chastain • Michael Chearney • Ching Ching Cheng • Chor Boogie • James-Randall Chumbley
Sarah Danays • Fabian Debora • Laddie John Dill • Petra Eiko • Mitra Fabian • Lynne Fearman
Bruria Finkel • Danny First • Alison Foshee • Mitchell Friedman • Lisa Golightly • Erin Hall
Sandra Klein • Kerry Krenzin • Margaret Lazzari • Galia Linn• Devin Liston • America Martin
Gale McCall • Jim McHugh • Maryrose Mendoza • Nancy Mooslin • Mallory Morrison • MaryLinda Moss
Sandra Mueller • Lindsey Nobel • Shannon Rankin • Anne Schwartz • Karen Sikie • Sunday B Morning
Jill Sykes• Patricia Terrell-O’Neal • Moye Thompson • Emily Van Horn • Hagar Vardimon
Taiyo Watanabe • Alexandra Wiesenfeld • Valerie Wilcox

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