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Pearls of Wisdom: End The Violence Curriculum
April 27, 2011

Dear Educator:

A Window Between Worlds is delighted to have your class participate in the Pearls of Wisdom: End the Violence community art project.  This project was created by respected community activist-artist Kim Abeles. It is a powerfully constructed and hopeful metaphor of healing that suggests the important links possible between art and the creation of social justice. As part of our mission to end domestic violence we at A Window Between Worlds are pleased to collaborate with Kim on this significant project as well as with the hundreds of families emerging from domestic violence and sexual assault trauma who participated in the initial exhibit.  To view exhibit, click here.  To order a print catalog, click here.  To view the community participation wall, click here.

We now welcome your student's art projects to be uploaded to our online Pearls of Wisdom Community Wall at http://createpearls.awbw.org/  Their critically informed images and words will help us build essential momentum and awareness to end cycles of violence in families and society. When the project is complete we would appreciate your feedback. Send your comments to:  cbookout@awbw.org.  Please write "Pearls" in the subject line.

Before you begin however, please register your class(es) with the Pearls of Wisdom: End the Violence project by completing the form below.  It will help us know where the project is being shared.  Just return the below information and send it via email to cbookout@awbw.org.  Please write "Educator's Registration" in the subject line.

You will find AWBW information brochure and curriculum links below the registration form.

Thank you.


Pearls of Wisdom: End the Violence

Professor/teacher: ___________________________________________________

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City, State: _________________________________________________________

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Click here for AWBW Brochure

Click here for Pearls of Wisdom:  End the Violence Press Release


Click here for Syllabus & Project Steps-College Level Art Foundation Classes

Click here for Lesson Plan Grades 9-12-Service Learning and Community Groups

Added content for this collaborative, two-year community engagement project to end domestic violence is found in the essays commissioned for the catalog.

In downloading the PDFs below, you are agreeing to respect the copyright of the authors and the publisher.  They can only be reproduced electronically or in print for educational purposes.  Please contact pearls@awbw.org to seek added permissions.

1.  In "Kim Abeles Writings," we discover the vision of the project artist in her Artist's Statement, a poem called "Pearl," a short tract on her community art and in a hand-drawn summary diagram.  

2.  In "Lessons," artist and arts writer Suvan Geer introduces A Window Between Worlds as an emboldened non-profit that brings art to domestic violence shelters and continues as an activist art project for its founder, Cathy Salser.  

3.  In "Serious Work" and "Transformation," the essays of performance pioneers Suzanne Lacy and Barbara T. Smith, extend the historical and geographical reach of this project back to the critical role played by artists in the battered woman's movement and forward to an international human rights agenda.

4.  In "Founder's Journey," AWBW executive director Cathy Salser shares why she believes art is such a powerful healing tool for domestic violence.

5.  In "Call to Participation," Project Chair Sandra Mueller shares her vision for the community engagement phase of the Pearls of Wisdom: End the Violence project.

6.  The full catalog includes the 55-page "Handbook for Living", including stories spoken and written in order to transform pain into a book of lived wisdom.  To order a hard copy of the full catalog, click here.

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