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Forever Angels - The Foundation for AWBWs Future
February 2, 2006

Larry Layne & Sheelagh Boyd of AWBW’s Forever Angels.

Thank You
Forever Angels

Terry & Philip Ball
Larry Layne &  Sheelagh Boyd
Philip Whitcome
& Three Anonymous Angels

If you have included AWBW
in your estate planning,
please contact Trini Nunez at
310-396-0317 to be included
(anonymously or in name)
as a part of Forever Angels.

Since the inception of AWBW, we have had a core group of committed, generous and thoughtful donors and partners. Larry Layne, a community philanthropist and supporter of the arts, has been AWBW’s angel from our very first event in 1992.

Now, inspiring us to take the next important step in guaranteeing the future of our work, he and his wife, Sheelagh Boyd, have honored us with inclusion in their estate plan and have encouraged us to welcome others to join them. As a result, we have established the Forever Angels program.

Looking back at how Larry’s support has made our work possible, it’s fun to recall that our very first furniture was a gift from Larry in 1992. Last Saturday we had 30 volunteers meeting at AWBW, and they were sitting on Larry’s chairs and using his card table! Throughout our long relationship with Larry, we are struck that each time we needed to expand the program, Larry came through with a capacity-building gift. Now he and Sheelagh have launched us on a new phase that will help ensure the future of the organization in perpetuity.

I asked Larry to tell me what has motivated him to be so generous to us and why he made such a dramatic and important gift at this juncture.

“This is such a needed program.
I not only love and appreciate the arts, but I can see how they can be a healing tool. I can imagine what it means to a mother or child to express feelings and pains they have held inside for so very long. And when I read the words of the children, it is heartwarming to see how the work of AWBW has been critical in helping them to survive and surmount the pain they have suffered.”

“Writing a will is not the easiest thing to do. But since we don’t have kids who will need our resources, it’s a pleasure to do something for an organization you believe in while you are still around. Now Sheelagh and I can sit back and watch AWBW grow, and know that we will always be a part of its future.

“I remember AWBW as Cathy and her traveling van. 13 years later Sheelagh and I have continued to be astounded by the incredible growth and success of the program since those early days, and we know how many thousands of hearts have been healed through this unique work. Now we will always have a hand in that healing.”

AWBW hopes that many of our friends and supporters will consider changing the lives of thousands more through an estate gift. By making such a gift in your lifetime, you will be recognized for touching the lives of victims of violence. Any such gift can be anonymous if that is the donor’s preference. The Forever Angels program is the key to promising that AWBW will be able to provide its programs as long as there are victims of violence.

Thank you, Larry and Sheelagh, for setting the pace for us since the very early days and for once again raising our sights and shining a light on the future.
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